Notable events of 2000 in independent Dreamcast gaming.





  • June 20th, 2000 - Marcus Comstedt released his "Hello World" demo and example code, which was accomplished by reverse engineering the Action Replay CDX disc. This example code would be expanded to become Comstedt's libronin library, and by other coders in hzlib and libdream. This was the first publicly released freeware code running on the Dreamcast.
  • July 27th, 2000 - HeroZero released hzlib, a small library that expanded upon Marcus Comstedt's example code. HeroZero would later contribute to libdream.
  • October 20th, 2000 - Dan Potter and Mike Brent released libdream, a library that originally used Marcus Comstedt's example code, and coupled it with the open source GNU C compiler for the SH-4 processor. It later expanded beyond its forbearer and would later serve as a base for the KallistiOS library.

DOS Freeware later expanded on DreamcastEdit