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Action Replay CDX
GameShark CDX
Developer(s) Datel, InterAct
Publisher(s) Datel, InterAct
Works on DC with
Latest version
Release date(s) June 2, 2000
Platform(s) Dreamcast
Media CD-ROM
System requirements

The Action Replay CDX (licensed to InterAct for release in North America as the GameShark CDX) is a device that allows gamers to input codes in order to enable cheats in Dreamcast games. It also works as an import boot disc, as it allows games from other regions to be booted via the menu.


On January 6th, January 7th, and January 8th, 2000, the thirty-third annual CES took place. Interact demonstrated the GameShark CDX. It is the first independently developed code to be demonstrated running on the Dreamcast.

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