Beats of Rage is a freeware open source video game and brawling game engine made by Senile Team and inspired by the classic Sega Streets of Rage series.

The Beats of Rage gameEdit

As Beats of Rage is a customizable engine, the game included with the engine is but one of the many games available. In the included game, character sprites and some background art was taken from the King of Fighters games by SNK Playmore. The gameplay is traditional "walk and punch" or beat 'em up style.

Beats of Rage was listed as a "cream of the crop" game in the June 2006 issue of the British PSP magazine Pure. It was also covered on the television show "Cinematech: Nocturnal Emissions" on the television network, G4.

The Beats of Rage engineEdit

First programmed for DOS, it was later ported to the Sega Dreamcast console, Linux, Playstation2, PSP, Pocket PCs, and Windows.

The engine is customizable, and allows for new games to be built on the engine in distributed in its custom PAK format. The games developed for the Beats of Rage engine are commonly referred to as "mods", the creators are commonly reffered to as "modders", and the engine itself is commonly referred to as "moddable".

Beats of Rage has become so popular due to the engine's ability to be completely customizable that it has become the watermark for customizable engines for video game consoles. Customizable engines for these systems are now often referred to as "moddable like Beats of Rage".

Yumi: Samurai WarriorEdit

Yumi: Samurai Warrior, by Tommy Watson and LTBDesigns, will use an enhanced version of the Beats of Rage engine, entitled BORHed. The game will be commercially released for the Sega Dreamcast, and published by GOAT Store Publishing. The BORHed engine will allow for features not found in the original Beats of Rage engine, and not traditionally seen in games in the beat 'em up genre. The most significant of these engine changes is a stealth mode, which is being used extensively due to the game's samurai theme.

Open Source Engine EnhancementsEdit

OpenBOR is a project that aims to give more functionality to Beats of Rage. It gives modders the ability to add new moves and combos to their games that were not in the original Beats of Rage game. It also now allows for mods to support three or four simultaneous players as opposed to the original engine's maximum of two.

OpenHOR is a subproject of OpenBOR that allows modders to create horizontal and vertical two dimensional aircraft shooting games using the Beats of Rage engine.

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