Beneath a Steel Sky, the second point-and-click graphic adventure game by Revolution Software, takes place in a world damaged by the ravages of humankind.

The game initially follows a man named Robert Foster as he tries to escape from an enclosed city after he was kidnapped and brought there from his home in the Australian outback. Later, Robert discovers a plot involving the death of his mother, a government coverup, and the secrets about his own father.

Legal StatusEdit

On August 2, 2003, the creators and copyright holders of Beneath a Steel Sky, Revolution Software, released the game as freeware for use with ScummVM. Both the floppy and CD-with-speech versions are available for download from the ScummVM Downloads page.

DC Evolution CompilationEdit

On January 29, 2004, DC Evolution released a Dreamcast image that contains both the disk and CD versions of Beneath a Steel Sky, as well as demos. This image can be used with any program which recognizes DiscJuggler images to create a CD-R of the game which boots on the Dreamcast.

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