Cyberdog Castle
Type sole proprietorship
Founded 1994
Headquarters New York
Key people MetaFox, founder
Industry Video games
Employees 1

Cyberdog Castle is an American video game and computer game developer. In 2005, it became known as Cydoca Entertainment.


Cyberdog Castle began life in 1994 as a Bulletin Board System (BBS) during the late night hours in Elmira, NY. It was first used as a name of a development group in 1995 with the release of the BBS door game, Society of the Eternal Rulers. Cyberdog Castle became official in 2004 when it was registered as a legal sole proprietorship in Chemung County, New York.

Dream On MagazineEdit

Cyberdog Castle released the first issue of Dream On Magazine at the Midwest Gaming Classic in 2003. A companion demo disc to Dream On, known as The Sandman, was created by DC Evolution with input from Cydoca Entertainment. Sandmenu was developed for this compilation, and was first demonstrated at the first stop of Dreamcon in 2006. The first release of The Sandman also occurred in 2006. Sandmenu ultimately wasn't used in this release, but it was used in another one of DC Evolution's compilations, Alice Dreams History. Pre-orders for a second issue of the magazine were taken in 2006, but the second issue was postponed and refunds were issued.

Dream On ContestEdit

In 2003, Cyberdog Castle held it's first annual Dream On Contest. The winners, Inhabitants and Maqiupai, were published by GOAT Store Publishing and released in 2005. The final Dream On contest took place in 2006.


In 2005, Cydoca Entertainment held the first DreamCon Dreamcast gaming convention at the East Coast Gaming Expo in Reading, Pennsylvania. The convention was held at the ECGX as the Midwest Gaming Classic was not held that year.

In 2006, due to the Midwest Gaming Classic returning, and the fact that the majority of the people who exhibited at the first DreamCon lived too far away to make the trip to Wisconsin, the convention was split into two parts. The first part was held at the Magfest in Virginia, and the second convention was held at the Midwest Gaming Classic in Wisconsin.

In 2007, Curt Grymala hosted the DreamCon Dreamcast Gaming Convention at the Magfest in Virginia. The show was on hiatus until its tenth anniversary in 2015, when it was once again hosted by Cydoca Entertainment, at the Con on the Cob in Ohio.

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