DC Evolution was founded on January 29, 2002 by wraggster, the current webmaster of the DCEmu network of sites.

The DC Evolution staff creates selfbooting CD images for the Dreamcast, using freeware Dreamcast games and software, to showcase the best the Dreamcast has to offer, and to make using Dreamcast freeware easy to use for everyone. Along with games, they have also released compilations with public domain movies and radio dramas, as well as e-Books. They have had a presence at the DreamCon Dreamcast convention since its foundation in 2005.

Curt Grymala was the webmaster from 2004 until the site went off-line in 2012, due to exceeding its host's bandwidth due to its popularity. It was brought back online in 2015 by its current webmaster, MetaFox. DCDayDreamer saved much of the material from the original DC Evolution, as well as other material related to freeware Dreamcast development, and is working on bringing it back online via the current DC Evolution website.

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