Flight of the Amazon Queen is a point and click graphic adventure game. It follows a pilot for hire named Joe King who is hired to fly a famous actress to her next job, but ends up in a lightning storm and crashes deep in the Amazon Jungle. In the jungle, Joe uncovers a plot by a mad scientist to take over the world by creating an army of dinosaur women created from Amazon women.

Legal StatusEdit

In March 2004, the creators and copyright holders of Flight of the Amazon Queen, John Passfield and Steve Stamatiadis, released the game as freeware for use with ScummVM. Both the floppy and CD version with speech are available for download from the ScummVM Downloads page.

DC Evolution CompilationEdit

DC Evolution released a Dreamcast image that contains both the disk and CD versions of Flight of the Amazon Queen, as well as the demos. This image can be used with any program which recognizes DiscJuggler images to create a CD-R of the game which boots on the Dreamcast.

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