The Games Convention was a large video game convention held in Leipzig, Germany from 2002 to 2010. It was Germany's equivalent of the original E3, except it was open to the general public.

Games Convention 2007Edit

The Games Convention was held this year on August 22nd, August 23rd, August 24th, and August 25th, 2007. Max Scharl once again had a presence at the Games Convention representing redspotgames and Dreamcast-Scene. Last Hope was playable at the convention. The Dreamcast version of Wind & Water: Puzzle Battles premiered here.

Games Convention 2003Edit

The Games Convention was held this year on August 21st, August 22nd, August 23rd, and August 24th, 2007. The import gaming site Lik-Sang sponsored a booth for Max Scharl, who represented Dreamcast-Scene. The Dreamcast version of The Adventures of Gus and Rob premiered here.

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