Type not disclosed
Founded 2005
Key people Mike Brent, founder, Brendan Wiese, FoxxFire Crump, Rae Lee, Maurizio Terzo, Doug Ritchie, Carson Buckley
Industry Video games
Products Cool Herders
Employees 7

Harmlesslion is a video game and computer game developer.

History Edit

Gord Haddrell (of and Lawrence Wright (of originally conceived Moving Target Software Design in late 1994 while in communication with Atari while pursuing an Atari Jaguar project. Mike Brent joined them in 1995 to provide coding services, however, the contract with Atari fell through and for some time the title went unused. In 2000 Mike Brent revised the Moving Target Software Design name for the purposes of having a group name for his video game projects. (Gord and Lawrence granted their permission to use the name but were not directly involved.) This culminated in 2001 with the completion of a demo of a game called Cool Herders. The demo was included on DC Tonic, a demo disc that was given out to attendees at that year's E3 trade show, including directly to Sega, despite the disc being unlicensed.

DC Tonic was well received and had even been reportedly mistaken for an actual commercial demo, though the developers were rushed for time in its production, and the tools used were not at a very high level of quality at the time.

The team decided to expand the demo into a full game. However, for reasons not disclosed to the public, the team disbanded before the game could be completed.

The birth of HarmlessLion Edit

In 2003, GOAT Store Publishing contacted Mike Brent to see if he would be interested in completing Cool Herders and releasing it commercially on the Sega Dreamcast video game console.

Mike contacted the team members that remained amicable after the split, and formed HarmlessLion. He brought in new members as well as hired outside members from other development teams. In 2004, GOAT Store Publishing announced that they would be publishing Cool Herders for the Sega Dreamcast at that years' Midwest Gaming Classic. In 2005, the final commercial version of Cool Herders was released.

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