Jenny's Reunion is an independently developed commercial adventure horror game for the Sega Dreamcast.

It is very similar to the original Clock Tower for the Super Nintendo and draws other inspirations from more recent Horror titles.


"1974 Orwell Abby Boarding School

The group looked on at the strange student standing alone in the Dinning Hall. They couldn't believe this Girl was for real, Her name was Jenny people had said. She was always afraid, some said she had creepy powers. The group are introduced to her when Jenny tries to befriend them. They take this as an opportunity to play a cruel joke on Jenny. They ask her to join their after dark party and meet up with her in the abandoned section of the school. Forcing her to partake in a Ouija Board, the view finder spells out Reunion. Suddenly Jenny becomes truly disturbed as the rest of the group take it as an opportunity to laugh at her. She runs away, slowly becoming concerned the Group start looking for her in order to apologize. Alice (one of the group members) sees Jenny alone above the great oak tree that shadows the courtyard. She climbs the tree and tries to persuade Jenny to come down, Jenny is too disturbed to communicate with, all of a sudden she grabs Alice and says "There is nothing any of us can do, you are responsible for this, we are doomed to die forever", Alice is scared and pushes Jenny away, as Jenny is pushed she loses her gripping on the Tree and falls. Jenny's scarf gets attached to one of the branches of the Tree, resulting in her braking her neck. Alice looks down in shock.


They had forgotten about that terrible night. Alice is involved in a car accident, the last thing she remembers is seeing a Ghostly Girl stand looking at her from her Hospital bed, Alice closes her eyes. When she awakens she is in a building reminiscent to Maxwell Boarding school but different to what she recalls, the rooms are morphed, the atmosphere is unworldly. As she struggles to find a way out of this nightmarish school she soon discovers others are in this place also. Her old school friends are trapped with her and running for their lives against pure evil. Can she survive in a place full of these abnormal stalkers that first for her blood. Can she discover what really happened to Jenny?."

- Team Requiem

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