Marathon Infinity is the final part of a trilogy of first person shooter games. This time the super human cyborg security officer jumps between alternate, seeking to prevent a chaotic entity, the W’rkncacnter, from being released from Lh'owon's dying sun.

Legal StatusEdit

The sourcecode to Marathon 2 was released by Bungie in 1999. The sourcecode was adapted into an open source project called AlephOne. AlephOne works with the original Marathon Infinity datafiles. In early 2004, Bungie released the entire Marathon Trilogy as freeware, allowing it to be downloaded free of charge.

DC Evolution CompilationEdit

DC Evolution released a Dreamcast image that contains all three games in the Marathon trilogy. This image can be used with any program which recognizes DiscJuggler images to create a CD-R of the game which boots on the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast port of AlephOne requires a Dreamcast keyboard.

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