MetaFox founded Cydoca Entertainment, ran Dreamcast-Scene America, contributed art and programming as a part of Screamcast, and is the current webmaster of DC Evolution.

MetaFox released the first DOS version of the emulator Laser (Little Arcade Machine Emulator Releases), based on Mike Green's SinVader, in 2000. Laser was ported to the Dreamcast by Steven Harris in 2001. In 2002, MetaFox took over development of the Sega Genesis emulator DCGenerator from ATani, and Cydoca Entertainment announced Mike Siecieska's Motocross. Nothing about the latter has been said after the announcement, so it is considered to be on indefinite hold.

MetaFox ran a yearly Sega Dreamcast coding contest known as the Dream On Contest every year from 2003 to 2006. The contest was held jointly with The GOAT Store, and the winners from the contest get their games published by GOAT Store Publishing. Two games were published as a result of winning that contest. Those games are Inhabitants and Maqiupai.

In 2003, the first demo of MetaFox's adventure game, The Adventures of Gus and Rob, was released for display at the Dreamcast-Scene booth at the Games Convention. Also that year, MetaFox began releasing single game builds compiled with the Dreamcast version of the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, or MAME.

Also in 2003, Cydoca Entertainment announced a maze game known as Construction Obstruction and Dream'N'Play, a program that would enable game creation on the Dreamcast without programming knowledge. Nothing further has been revealed about either project, so they are both on indefinite hold.

MetaFox released the first issue of Dream On Magazine at the Midwest Gaming Classic in 2003. A companion demo disc to Dream On, known as The Sandman, was created by DC Evolution with input from MetaFox. Sandmenu was developed for this compilation, and was first demonstrated at the first stop of Dreamcon in 2006. The first release of The Sandman also occurred in 2006. Sandmenu ultimately wasn't used in this release, but it was used in another one of DC Evolution's compilations, Alice Dreams History. Pre-orders for a second issue of the magazine were taken in 2006, but the second issue was postponed due to personal issues and refunds were issued.

Cydoca Entertainment took pre-orders for a party game known as Chikugoyaku in 2004, but a hard drive crash caused the project to be postponed and refunds were issued.

In 2006, MetaFox announced Penguin Skiing and a Beats of Rage modification based on Futurama. As nothing was said after their announcement, both of these are also on indefinite hold.

MetaFox held a Dreamcast convention known as DreamCon, in 2005, 2006, and 2015. The convention was held by Curt Grymala in 2007.

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