Mike Brent
Name Mike Brent

Mike Brent is a video game developer, who is better known as Tursi.

In 2000, he co-developed the Dreamcast library libdream with Cryptic Allusion founder Dan Potter. That library would eventually evolve into KallistiOS, the most popular independent library for Dreamcast development.

Under the studio name Moving Target Software, he developed a demo of a party game called Cool Herders, which was included in the DC Tonic demo CD in 2001. Before Cool Herders could be expanded into a full game however, Moving Target Software disbanded.

In 2003, he was contacted by The GOAT Store to expand Cool Herders into a commercial product. He formed HarmlessLion with the Moving Target Software team members that remained amicable after the split, as well as several outside members from other development teams. The commercial version of Cool Herders was released in 2005.

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