Type not disclosed
Founded 2001
Headquarters Germany
Key people Timm Hellwig, René Hellwig
Industry Video games
Products Fast Striker, Gunlord,
Last Hope, NEO XYX
Employees 2

NG:DEV.TEAM is a German video game developer.


NG:DEV.TEAM was formed in 2001. Their first game, Last Hope, a shooter available for Neo Geo AES, Neo Geo CD, and Dreamcast, was released in 2007. They released a director's cut version of Last Hope that improved the screen visibility called Last Hope Pink Bullets in 2009 for Dreamcast and in 2011 for Neo Geo MVS.

Their second game, Fast Striker, a shooter for Neo Geo MVS and Dreamcast, was released in 2010.

They broke out from the shooter genre with their third game, Gunlord, a platforming game for Neo Geo MVS, Neo Geo AES, and Dreamcast inspired by classic platformers designed by European game developers, in 2012.

They then returned to shooters with NEO XYX in 2014.