Type Demogroup
Founded 1997
Key people Andrew Kieschnick
Industry Video games
Products Burritro, MP3 Player

Napalm is a video game console demogroup that has members from all around the world.

History Edit

"Napalm" was started in 1997 as a group name for utilities and demoscene demos created for the Sony Playstation.

AndrewK of Napalm was one of the first people who developed independent software for the Dreamcast. His software was included in the DC Tonic demo CDs that were given out to the Dreamcast fans at E3 2000. DC Tonic has been well received and has even been reportedly mistaken for an actual commercial demo, though the developers were rushed for time in its production, and the tools used were not at a very high level of quality at the time.

AndrewK's titles on the disc were a demoscene demo called Burritro and an MP3 player.

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