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Roel van Mastbergen is a Dutch artist and video game developer.

In 2003, Roel created his most well known software product, a beat 'em up game called Beats of Rage. The game was an homage to Sega's Streets of Rage series, and used music, sounds, and backgrounds from the series as well as music, sounds, backgrounds, and characters from The King of Fighters series. He released the game under the name Senile Team, perhaps as a play of words on Sega's famed Sonic Team development group.

Beats of Rage has become extremely popular after the sourcecode was released. The game has been ported to many platforms, including video game consoles such as the Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 2, PSP, and GP2X. The popularity of the game most likely lies in the fact that the engine is set up to be easily modified via scripts. The game has become a standard for games of it's type in the future, as modifiable games are now often described as "moddable like Beats of Rage".

In 2007, Senile Team will follow up on their popular game Beats of Rage with a game with all new original characters, music, backgrounds, and sounds. The game, Age of the Beast, will be available in a free version for Sega Dreamcast, Windows, DOS, Playstation 2, PSP, and GP2X. There will also be a commercial version entitled Age of the Beast SE for the Sega Dreamcast that will be published by GOAT Store Publishing. The special edition will contain new features not available in the free game.

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